Obi's Mini Miracles

Support for families with premature babies

Obi's Mini miracles was set up in 2022, on a mission to support families with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) babies.


Support with essential items for families and their mini miracle(s)

Our Story

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How we support

We provide families of Premature/NICU babies with essential items that they haven’t had the chance or money to buy before the baby/babies arrives home.

Why support is needed

The NICU journey and its stresses, which include significant financial stress to a lot of families, is very hard to explain to anyone who has not experienced it first hand.

The average NICU journey costs thousands. Often parents have two homes to pay for, the temporary living situation at the hospital, children at home with a home to still run and the petrol/transportation costs to get to hospital everyday. Our own personal journey with Obi cost us over £10,000 in total, at just over 3 months long. Ours was a particularly turbulent and long journey with two other children to support at home. We saw a very common theme of families struggling in the NICU’s we visited during our journey. We recognised how much more needed to be done in regards to financial support.

How you can help

You can help by donating essential baby items that are either in good condition or new. We also have the option to donate items via our Amazon Wish List or donate funds via PayPal. There is an option to send us your essential items via post if you prefer.

You can get involved with our yearly sponsored 24+ mile walk, raising money by gaining sponsorship from family, friends and work colleagues. This is completely free to sign up to.

You can simply spread the world and tell people about Obi’s mini Miracles… Do you know anyone we could support? Please get in touch.