Obi's Mini Miracles

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Our terms regarding donations

Obi’s mini miracles collect donations from our local area.

Donations also come via post and our Amazon Wish List. Some blankets and knitted items are also handmade. We inspect all items donated to us but cannot be held responsible for items we have been donated, breaking or the general wear and tear of items given by families. We only accept car seats from families who confirm they have not been in any accidents.
We strongly advise, all washable items, including new items, should be washed before your miracle/miracles wear or use them.

We will provide a document for you to sign, listing the items you’ve received on the day, when you collect your essential items. This document hands over the responsibility of these items to yourself.

You will be offered to come pick your items on a day that suits you, from our storage unit located in Shepton Mallet, where you will have the opportunity to pick from the essential items we have available at that time. By taking these items home, you are agreeing that the items donated to you, are safe to use in and around your home.

We understand that emergencies happen, especially when you have children in the NICU but due to charity being very small, we are only able to support a few families each week. If you are unable to make the arranged date and time, we will only be able to offer you one more opportunity to visit us. If you are unable to make this rearranged date and time, we will unfortunately be unable to support you, due to our waiting list.

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